July 21, 2016


Wide Advisory Services offer its customers full advisory services and support in obtaining the residence permit in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom and other EU countries. Owing to our expertise and established procedures, registration of residence permit is realized in the shortest time.
The residence permit of the Republic of Latvia automatically guarantees free movement of persons within the Schengen area, currently consisting of 25 European countries.
The easiest way to obtain a residence permit at the moment is in Latvia. There are three ways to gain the residence permit:
1. Placement of term deposit / acquisition of bonds
  • ≥ 300000 EUR
  • ≥ 5 years
  • annual rate 3-3,5%
  • state duty – 25000 EUR
2. Investment in real estate
  • ≥ 250000 EUR
  • real estate cadastral value as of the purchase date should be ≥80 000 EUR 
  • state duty: 5% of real estate value
3. Business establishment
There is two types of business:
1).  investment amout ≥ 35 000 EUR
  • taxes per annum ≥ 40 000 EUR,
  • employees ≤ 50,
  • annual turnover or balance sheet ≤ 10m EUR

2). investment amount 
≥ 150 000 EUR
  • employees  > 50,
  • annual turnover or balance sheet > 10m EUR
Temporary residence permit will be available both for investors and their family members – spouses, underage children and persons that are under the surveillance/official care of such investors. Upon expiry of the term of residence permit investors and their family members are eligible to apply for the renewal.
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